FROM 1968 TO 1990





Prehistory and Chronological Happenings

During the First Twenty-five years


Greely Teets, a nearby resident, recalled helping his father clear the stream known as Wardwell Creek, "Waddle." They uncovered old logs that had been used by the SWAMP ANGEL to carry logs on three cars from the Cranesville Swamp area to Terra Alta, near the railroad. Arlie Hull, another area resident, later acquired the property, damming the stream to create a small, 5 acre lake. Stocked with bass, it became known as BASS LAKE. Fields were planted with grains and this HUNTING AND FISHING CAMP became widely known. Arlie’s fish hatcheries were the largest in the East. For thirty years it was a Mecca for sportsmen, with mild summer temperatures and Alpine winters.

Arlie had borrowed money to enlarge the Camp but could not repay the loan. Several Rotarians and other businessmen secured a loan from the Farmers Home Administration (FHA) to purchase the 1000-acre camp, calling it Mountaintop Vacationland. Memberships were sold to secure the million dollar loan in 1965; construction began in 1966 including golf course work. (D. Carpellucci of Pittsburgh); lawns and plantings. (Hillsview Floral Co. of Kingwood); well drilling and sewer (Tri State Drilling of Morgantown); excavation of the swimming pool. (Salerno Bros.). Also constructed were a lodge, a manager’s residence and cabins, as well as a campground beside the lake, now the beach area. New boats were available for renting. In 1967 an Olympic size pool opened and limited skiing was available on Snaggy Mountain. The Snaggy golf course was playable and cabins furnished.


The Lodge opened with meals and beer available. An additional half-million dollar loan was negotiated. When approved, it would provide for a 60-unit motel, tennis courts, playground improvement, snow maker and ski equipment.


The By-Laws and Charter of Mountaintop Vacationland, Inc. required the Board of Directors to set annual dues. $25 a year was decided, with 1,200 members. Thomas B. Butseher was President of the Board. On November 20.1969. Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Ruby of Morgantown acquired all of the assets of Mountaintop Vacationland, Inc. under the name of MOUNTAINTOP DEVELOPMENT CO. Under the terms of the sale, Mountaintop Vacationland, Inc. charter members in good standing were extended the same privileges at the same annual dues of $25 yearly, as before, for as long as they desired. Such members were given the same membership rights to use the facilities as before, so long as they remained members in good standing. This applied to the present and expanding facilities.

The trout ponds were drained under the supervision of the State of West Virginia. They were cleaned and reconditioned.


In 1970 work began. Ten miles of road were cut and graveled, two holes of the golf course were reconstructed and three additional holes were being added. Two tennis courts were ready by June. The boathouse was completed, restaurant equipment installed in the clubhouse and three Chalets built, each to accommodate 16 persons. Properties of approximately 1/3 acre were being offered, first to members of Mountaintop Vacationland Inc. in the Swiss section at a discount of $500.00 if acted upon between April 1, 1971 and May 15 of the same year.


Mr. Ruby officially named the development ALPINE LAKE on April 7, 1971. The pool opened in May and the 9-hole golf course was modified. In June of that year, deeds were recorded for Burge, Cole,. Herald, Price, and Starcher. Dues were set at $100.00 for Class A members and $25.00 for Class B members. Cabins rented for $120.00.

1971 was a big year for ALPINE LAKE. Thirteen more deeds were recorded, 2000 lots were ready for sale, artesian wells were drilled, producing 5,000 gallons every hour. The land inside the perimeter road was designated "COMMON GROUND".

There were 7 holding ponds for fish to grow in, this being among the oldest Trout Hatcheries on the Eastern Seaboard.

The following were hired to handle the Master Planning:

        Landscape Designer Milford Hardesty

        Landscape Architect Brooks Wigginton

        (both of whom have national reputations)

        Clubhouse Robert A. Bennett. AIA

        Jack Ballow, President of Recreational Properties

Completion date was scheduled for the 1973-74 season.

Twenty new sailboats were available for rent. The Campground by the Lake had all facilities: Tennis, picnic areas, playground for children (by the Lake), ski slopes, puma lift, snowmaking below 25 degrees, lighted slopes with two additional slopes available. Gatemen admitted visitors and were on patrol 24 hours a day. Fire protection was by Alpine Volunteers with an old fire engine parked in the parking lot.

A pond near the gatehouse was constructed. Four million dollars worth of properties were sold in 1971. (Reported in the Yodeler, Vol.111).


Bavarian, Swiss, and Austrian sewage and water were completed by Ahl Bros of Wheeling. (Yodeler, April 24, 1972) The first building permit was issued in the Swiss Section.


Work resumed in April of 1973 on the $688,000 clubhouse expansion. The fourth Chalet was completed, the boat dock and the observation deck at the top of the ski slopes was also completed.

In June, . John Foster was named Social Director with an office in the boathouse. Ladies Day was every Wednesday with bridge and golf, plus a special luncheon. Men’s day was every Saturday. Scheduled was an old-time movie night, a "bring your own basket" picnic and sack races, watermelon eating contests, chicken BBQs, nature hikes, tennis matches, arts and craft festival, Coast Guard safety clinic for boaters, square dance exhibition, fishing contests, Las Vegas night, archery demonstrations and cookouts. The first fishing contest had 20 participants. A 14" and a 14 1/ 2’ trout were caught. A very active program was in effect.

Phase two of the sewer system was begun in October 1973, in the St. Moritz section. Roads were cut through and graded in alt sections, a total of 31 1/ 2 miles. A retail shop opened in the new addition to the Lodge selling ski clothing.

Naturalist George Breiding led a two mile walk to the fire tower where a picnic lunch was enjoyed.

The State Road Commission awarded a contract to improve Rt. 46 from Rt. 7 to Alpine Lake entrance.


The Yodeler, an early Alpine Lake paper, for February 1974 reported that rustic cabins and plush chalets were ready for rental. The old log cabin (Dr. Denhams summer cottage, on the east side of the lake) became a dormitory for use by hunters and fishermen years ago. It was built some 50 years ago and now was insulated, wired for electricity and given a new roof. It was also to be used as a dorm for staff members from New Hampshire working during ski season. It was available to rent after that. The Yodeler had a picture of it.

The upper lounge of the Lodge had a freestanding fireplace with a massive copper hood lending an air of rustic charm. The theater, card room and meeting rooms were on the upper level. Looking behind the scenes, one found an ultra modern kitchen (all electric) with high speed automatic dishwashers, microwave ovens, pastry oven and salad bar. There was also a walk-in cooler, a freezer, new icemaker and dumb waiter for service in the pool area. The kitchen opened in October with Tom Buljat as Restaurant Manager. Offices were located to the left of the main lobby behind the Registration Desk. All this was reported in the October 1974 Yodeler.

In this same year, Mrs. A.H. Van Landingham, a Morgantown resident with a home at Alpine Lake, was named President Elect of the 6.2 million member A.A.R.P.

ALPOA assessment was now $30.00 per year. The Sail and Ski Club was $45.00. Membership was optional but property owners had to join to use the facilities.

Church denominations and times of services were listed near the Registration Desk.


A Gala New Years Party was held. Cost—$59.50 per couple.

The first Alpine Lake newsletter was published in April 1975. It contained a monthly calendar. This was the year General Manager, Bob Phillips, was killed in an auto accident while on his way to Morgantown.

On April 1, 1975, 19 speakers for continuous music plus a paging system were installed.

Bud Angert left his position as Sales Director for Alpine Lake to become its General Manger.

To encourage building, a $500.00 cash rebate was offered to each Property owner who got a home shell under roof, with water and sewer hooked up. The Clubhouse had a list of approved builders.

A new greens mower and fertilizer spreader was purchased for golf course maintenance. A driving range was in the making, also plans for a miniature golf course. There were no greens fees for opening day of golf - May 30.

Telephones were installed in mens and ladies locker rooms. These were used to order from the lounge.

A campground with 22 pads was ready on the Lime Plant Road. Reservations only, at the desk - $3.00 per night, $18.00 per week.

Buffet night was held every Friday. All you can eat for $2.95.

The clubhouse was shrubbed with dogwoods, yews, service trees and the pool area carpeted. The Rathskeller, downstairs in the Club House, was open weekends.

The property owners were asked to report to Security any rule breakers - littering, fishing, speeding, etc.

Executive Vice President, Jim Crane, retired in July. Dick Peterman replaced him. Tom Westbrook was appointed Recreational Director in July. Tennis, golf and fishing contests were scheduled.

A hot line was established whereby Manager Bud Angert would be available by phone every Wednesday - 9 am to noon.

A flagstone patio was put in, with trees and shrubs to enhance the area near the Lodge

All boats had to be registered! Fishing permits were required and available at the clubhouse and boathouse. An Arts and Crafts show was held at the boathouse and was well received.

Glen Simpson was hired as Chef for the clubhouse in August.

A 350 yard driving range opened with buckets of balls and drivers available.

Liens against delinquent property owners were placed and lists were published. The cottages were redecorated in October after a hectic season. The water and sewer lines were being installed in Geneva, Luzerne, Bern and Alpine. In November, the roads past Chalets #3 & 4 plus the road from #3 tee past the dam and boathouse were black topped.

Miniature golf and the driving range closed for the season October31. Also there was no hunting this year due to intense activity - i.e. power lines, water and sewer installation plus house construction.

Alpine Lake had its first snow of the season on November 14 - 4 inches. Approximately 400 geese on the lake that day.

A "windbreaker" was added to the clubhouse entrance and a new cinder spreader was purchased. With winter coming, the roads would be cleared of snow faster and easier.

Three new holes were completed on the golf course. They were ready for spring.



Acceptance of American Express and Bank America cards began at Alpine Lake

The $500.00 rebate on lots was continued. The Environmental Committee was ready to assist those desiring to build now.

In March, a special guest membership of $5.00 per day was put into effect. Property Owners were asked whether they wanted Horseback riding.

A new Chevy suburban wagon (4 wheel drive) was purchased. It had first-aid gear and a wheeled stretcher for emergencies. Property Owner assessments were raised to $60.00. Golf members to pay $50.00, guests paid $5.00 for 9 holes, $8.00 for 18 holes. Speed limits 25 mph with posted signs, except 20 mph on the entrance drive to the clubhouse and 10 mph around the kiddy playground.

Camping facilities were ready in June. July was FUN MONTH! Dances, buffets, ethnic nights. Multi-color umbrellas were put at the boathouse picnic area

Jim Price organized the first Property Owners Picnic which was held at the pavilion with 66 adults and 12 children in attendance.

Jeanne Kelly was the Club House Manager. In November we are "THINKING SNOW"! By March the word was out: "STOP THINKING SNOW"! 104" FELL in January making a total of 234’ so far. With it all only 44 ski days!

Property Owners were checked at the Gatehouse for current membership cards, without which entrance was denied, as well as use of amenities and voting rights.

U.S. 48. (corridor E) opened making it easier to reach Alpine Lake. The homeowners decorated the clubhouse for the Holiday Season-hoping that more people would come and enjoy.


A list of about 200 delinquents was published in February 1977.

Alpine Trash Removal days were Mondays and Fridays. Plastic bags were to be used.

April was the time to START THINKING OF SUMMER. Most lots were sold and the cabins were put up for sale. There were 58 homes and Red Decals were issued to be displayed in the rear window on the driver’s side. Security checked each car.

Six of the Guest Cottages were sold and by September the top floor of Chalet #4 was furnished making 6 more rooms available for guests

The second Annual Picnic was held with over 150 attending.

Littering was becoming a problem. Trash cans were placed all around in the hope that they would he used.


Alpine Lake was growing. A contract was let, General Paving of Morgantown started grading 22.85 miles of roads to provide all-weather surface (tar and chip) to all sections that were serviced with water and sewer.

Due to the Energy Crisis, snowmaking machines were stilled. (Coal strike).

All thermostats were to be set at 68 degrees

The yearly charge for private golf carts was $25.00, which included winter storage. It was required that owners’ names be on carts.

A 1978 Chevrolet Blazer was purchased for Security use. The old vehicle, with over 200,000 miles on it, would be used as a back up. The heating system for the pool was changed from gas to oil fuel.

The roads in Swiss, Bavarian and Austrian sections were completed.

159 attended the Annual Picnic at Alpine, its third year. Alpine was growing. This picnic was held at the end of summer season.


Alpine "DUMP" was closed and garbage collection began.

Over 7,000 used the slopes this season!

The Garbage situation: — all municipalities, including Alpine Lake, were ordered to close their dumps. The County landfill, near Arthurdale, was used. A private contractor collected at Alpine for $6.00 per month.

Stop signs were installed in May. There were now 91 homes, which caused increased traffic. The sewer and water project was completed in the summer.

Homeowner, Jim Price, secured mail delivery to the homes. Boxes were to be placed 42" from the ground, on the right side of the road along the delivery route.

167 attended the Annual Picnic this year.


For the Golf course, a rebuilt Toro-Fairway mowing tractor was purchased.

All roads were paved now and speed limits were enforced. Property Owner assessments were $90.00. Alpine was nearing the 100 mark for houses.

Gene Davis became General Manager in Sept. October 11, 1980, brought the transfer of Alpine Lake to The ALPINE LAKE ASSOCIATION, except 3 Chalets, Alpine Estates, Sales office, log cabin and Sand Quarry. All unsold lots, Campground, 2 Condo areas owned by Mountaintop Development Co. The same board sits! Change of by-laws was suggested. No records or money was included with the Deed!

December brought Cross-Country Skiing, laid out on the Golf Course.

There are now 14 permanent residents.


Effective January 1, 1981, availability charges for water and sewer were to be paid to ALPOA semiannually. Cost - $30.00 for 6 months.

200 Property Owners attended "OUR" first Annual Meeting.

From the ‘New Volume Newsletter" #3 - A membership fee structure was decided upon: Alpine Lake Sail & Ski Plan I

$300.00 a year Family Membership-pay only for rentals (boats, carts. etc.). Plan 2-s 100.00 a year with no charge for fishing & tennis. Half price for all other. Memberships were open to the public — S500.00 for family and $300.00 as in #2 above, except use of Lake was not included. House guests of members may have temporary membership with same privileges as host. A 3-day minimum with daily cost of $7.50. Guests of non-property owners was $15.00 per day.

The Board of Directors was increased to 5 members upon Association approval. There was also a vote on Snowmobiles.

4 new golf carts were purchased in the Spring bringing the total to 20.

Storm windows were installed in the Dining Room in October.


Mr. Ruby sold the Campground of approximately 51 acres. It will be known as WOODLAND ACRES CAMPGROUND. C. Groves & I. Price bought the acreage.

Assessments were raised from $90.00 to $120.00

A new Ford Escort was purchased for Security.

9 homes were under construction that will bring the total to 109.

The Harron building on Alpine Drive was questioned. Willis Robertson, the builder, says only one entrance! Owner has 6 children. Manager Gene Davis gave permission for it to be built. (This from the 11/81 Newsletter.)

A Property owners meeting was held prior to the Annual Meeting, Jim Price, Chairman.

In September, the Fire Plug situation was discussed. They are to be no more than 600 feet apart-cost $900.00 per plug.

The Harron multiple-family dwelling was again brought up (it is against regulations). The Restaurant situation, garish miniature golf, use of litter cans by non-subscribers; litter and private electric gates also came up for discussion.

Property Owner, Jessie Price collected cash donations for Security, to be divided among the regular guards. The Home owners also gave $1,610.00 to the Terra Alta Volunteer Fire Dept.

The Campground Owners met with the Board regarding Water supply. Contract was retained regarding the water supply.


A Golf League was formed in March of 1982. 36 signed up. The first Annual GREEN-UP Party was held May 30, 4:30 p.m. The lodge catered a Spring meal for $7.00. Firm reservations were a must.

Discussion was held in June regarding whether to build a motel. The tennis courts were resurfaced in time for the Third Annual Tournament.

Rotary Club and ALPOA, jointly, purchased a piano. Homeowner Warren Rader, gave a poo1 table for the boathouse.

The $2500.00 fee for a liquor license was sent in.

In August, it was decided that fines for speeding would he issued. Refusal to pay resulted in being prohibited from driving on Alpine Lake property (section 13P, 14 Declaration of Restrictions).  

A Bear was sighted in garbage at Sam Tilghman’s home July 14.

Bird walks by Bill Wylie were started this year.

The sewer plant was partly roofed. Alpine installed 3 or 4 lift pumps.

The first phase of BRIARWOOD TOWNHOUSES was approved in November-Willis Robinson, builder.

175 at the Annual Picnic this year!


Mountaintop sold Chalet III in January.

The November newsletter had ads for the first time.

A comprehensive Building Permit was evaluated. Restrictions and scheduled inspections will be held as the buildings rise. Dr. Harron came before the Board in regard to his 4-family Duplex.

In regard to the A and B members law suit-ALPOA must honor the commitment made by Mr. Ruby.

From the 12/28/82 Board meeting: Vans and campers on property could only he used for transportation. Up to 3/4 ton trucks were under the variance.

Lawyer Charles Wehner was instructed to draft a proposed by-laws amendment. The need for complete revision of the by-laws was deemed necessary. A special committee of homeowners was appointed by the Board for this purpose.

A budget was to be prepared and adhered to.

In July 1983, Mr. Frank Lazarowicz was hired as the new Manager. There will be a Teen Party at the Boathouse. Cathy Teets planned "Summer Games".

The Post Office Dept. presented a program on Cluster Boxes and the Environmental Committee approved a parking area for the Harron Apts.

The Lodge rooms were furnished at a cost of $300,000.

A small new group met at the Lodge the 3rd Wednesday of each month using the title "STRETCH YOUR MIND". Jim Price lined up speakers for several meetings. Following the speaker, a discussion period was held.

1-Demographics and Vital Statistics by Resident Robert Thorner.

2-Air Pollution and Fly Ash by Resident John Faber

3-Walking a Bill Through the State Legislature by Representative Jim Teets.

4-Stevie Bayles told of her work with certain school children.

These meetings were poorly attended and were discontinued in December.

Homeowners Jim and Jessie Price, purchased 250 pine trees to be planted along Rhododendron Drive as a windbreak. With the help of Arnold Dalton, they were planted with the assistance of several homeowners.

September 1983. A Bond Issue was granted for Tax Exempt Bonds for long range expansion.

Employees were given a raise and the second phase of the Motel was planned as a meeting room. This from Board minutes.

There are now 117 homes with ten under construction. These facts taken from the October 1983 Board minutes.

From Vol. 16 Newsletter of Nov. 1983 A five-handled shovel was used for Motel ground breaking-supplied by Board President Dick Langfitt. Albright National Bank handled the Bond Sale.

A new SKI*DOO utility type snowmobile was purchased for Security use. Cost-$2.000.00

A Class Action suit was instituted against Mountaintop Development Co. by the Alpine Board of Directors and filed in Preston County Oct. 8, 1983.

The restaurant was losing money. Leasing was discussed. Richard Miller was hired as the new Manager.

The following collateral was given for the Bond Sale—Recreation areas and Nature areas. 20 year bonds, tax exempt at 9 1/2%. The property was appraised at $5 million. $300,00 advanced.

During the Christmas holidays many water pipes burst due to the freezing weather.


Open House was held in January. 1984. for the 35 room Motel. Ground floor ready to rent by April 1, 1985.

One activity at Alpine was Saturday night hay rides around the property with hot chocolate afterwards.

Monthly payment of water/sewer went into the Utility Account. Availability money went to the General Fund. Assessments were raised 1/29/84 to $235.00 with $10.00 discount if paid by 3/15/84. An adjacent lot would be $135.00; $185.00 for a lot only.

The first issue of Holly Grandstaff’s "2 Cents Worth," a daily letter, was issued July 31, 1984, containing news items garnered daily by this good reporter.

The 32 room Motel, across from the Lodge, opened in May and $700,000  Industrial Bonds were used to finance it through the Preston County Commission at 9 1/2% for 20 years. The monthly payment-$6,524.95.

Boathouse activities were planned for the young people on Friday nights throughout the summer.

A good response was received from the Package Plan for Whitewater Groups.

The Ladies Golf Group was formed with Tuesday designated as "Ladies Day".

August brought paving at the Motel and Golf Parking areas by Mountaintop Paving-Cost $13,000.

Five Easy-Go golf carts were received and Conference Room A was being readied for use by October.

A reception was held in July for Ken Spadafore, the new bar and restaurant Manager. He offered 2 free dinners for dinner hour piano playing, Sue Fultz accepted. Also this month Summer Games and Golf Scramble were held. Betty Messenger offered lunches for $2.95. The SUMMER GAMES were held July 20-21-22, under the direction of Cathy Teets.

HAPPY HOUR began in the Lobby Lounge-4 to 7 p.m. "Twofers" offered with different colored "Skis" for 2nd drink. Senior citizens night Wednesdays with 20% discount for those over 62.

Fishing limits were set — Trout and Bass-3 per day. Under 6” to be released. NO FISHING AFTER DARK.

The ALLGO gals planned a tournament and dinner. Potluck and Bingo was held at the boathouse, for residents.

Yellow lines were painted on the parking lot. Alpine Lake is advertised on TV. 5 new 4-wheel Easy-Go golf carts and 12 Pull carts were delivered in time for the August Pro-Am.

Washer/dryer ordered for the Motel, available for residents as well.

Miniature Golf course was renovated. Property owners were given 10% discount on Motel rooms when reservation was in their name.

Ladies, under the direction of resident, LaRue Dorrell, planned an Alpine Lake Cookbook to be ready by Spring ‘85.

The Pro Shop was converted to a Conference Center.

Quilters organized under the direction of resident Irene Malnick in August.

A new format for the Alpine Lake Newsletter came off the press August 8.

A fire drill was held at the Lodge by the Terra Alta Fire Department for the Security Guards and key employees.

In August, Manager Miller attempted to make a "deal" for the old fire truck which had become a relic. He wanted to trade it for a mini pumper. He was also asking for $50.00 donations toward a Business Band Radio system for Security. About $3,000 was needed. $500.00 was taken from the Property Owners Picnic fund for this purpose.

NEW— a blacktop path to the golf carts plus a log fence to preserve the grass.

A cash register was installed in the Dining room.

Stevie Bayles sparked the idea of a float, by Alpine, for the Buckwheat Festival Parade.

A classy new sign was installed at the entrance to Alpine, done by Security Guard, Andy Carney.

The 9th Annual Property Owners Picnic was held at the picnic area Sept I, and the Wednesday night picnics for residents were also held there.

Starting Monday, August 20, "2 Cents Worth" was published Mon., Wed., and Friday.

Ken Spadafore. Dining Room Mgr. added a children’s menu. Sue Fultz played the piano in the restaurant during the dinner hour.

A gong was installed on the Golf Course below the 5th hole to alert followers that those ahead are "over the hump".

The front deck of the Lodge was repaired and painted.

REMINDER: House colors were to be in harmony with their surroundings - see RESTRICTIONS. The first meeting of the new WELCOME COMMITTEE was held in Sept. with Irene Malnick as chairperson. Several resident women were present with ideas for such a committee.

A new red Jeep (17) was delivered for Security use.

Manager Miller scheduled a monthly meeting with Property Owners-coffee and donuts were enjoyed.

An Ice Machine was installed in the Motel. Coin operated washer and dryer were ordered to be used by residents as well as those renting in the Motel.

A decision was made to allow black mesh "dishes" at homes for TV reception.

Resident Bill Pauer blazed a hiking trail for Property Owners use, estimated to be 3 miles long.

A dartboard was placed in the Lakers Lounge, said name was selected by the Satterfields, Alpine residents.

The September paper stated that the old fire truck was sold to a former fire fighter in Havre de Grace, MD. He had built it originally and paid $1,000 to get it back!

A Women’s Golf Committee was formed and approved by the Board, chaired by resident Glenna Lou Hinson.

A float was entered in the Buckwheat Festival parade and also the Oakland Autumn Glory Parade where it took 2nd place in the Commercial division.

In October, the Snaggy Mountain Fire tower was dismantled by Mr. Snyder of Gortner, MD. It had come to Oakland by rail and brought to Snaggy Mountain by horses. in Spring 1925. Maryland later found, by survey, it was on Alpine land. It was sold for $225.00 and will be rebuilt on Mr. Snyder’s farm as an airport tower. It had been built by Jonas Sines who later became Garrett Co. Commissioner. The Tower had been manned until about 20 years ago and taken away in 1984.

In the same month a Hot Tub and a Sauna arrived which were installed in the downstairs of the Lodge.

Finally, after two years of effort, an Alpine Sign was erected on Rt. 7 and Lime Plant Rd. with approval of the Governor’s office.

An Exercise Express opened in the Lodge a fitness center with hot tubs and —a sauna were soon completed. The Rathskeller, also downstairs, is waiting for new curtains and tablecloths.

Alpine Bumper stickers were available for 75 cents. And there was a big screen television installed in the upper deck of the Lounge.

It was decided that the paved area beside the Lodge will be used as a skating rink in winter and parking for Golf Carts in the summer. So ends the year of 1984.


A HONEYMOON PACKAGE deal was offered in February—3-days, 2-nights for $19.95.

The Sauna and Hot Tub room was opened and horseback riding was offered in the Spring by the DOUBLE C RANCH of McHenry. The horses to be boarded at Alpine’s barn on Lime Plant road. A bridal trail around the perimeter would also be used for X-country skiing.

The Fund Raising committee was selling the Alpine Cook Books and have purchased new lined (drapes for the dining room.

Mr. Willis Robinson was to pay Alpine $40.00 per month rental on the townhouses he built.

Tableland Properties occupied a small office in the Lodge.

As of January, there were 137 homes in use. The homeowners contributed —$935.00 to the Employees Christmas Fund and $1,985.00 to the T.A. —Ambulance Fund.

Two hour skating on the new rink for $2.00; free movies on the Big Screen!

In March, a Ford pick-up was acquired for the maintenance dept. The old one had 100,000 miles on it and was beyond repair.

A March management decision was made — Boathouse and Picnic area free —to Property Owners for their events. Others to pay $100.00 if catered by Alpine and $300.00 if not. Clean up not good? A charge of $45.00.

Conference Room B, downstairs, went into operation in April. It holds 150. Work was also started, in April, outside Conference Room A. to house Golf starters and to sell refreshments, etc.

Golf cart pathway paving began in May and Landscaping of Lodge and —Motel was scheduled to be done by an architect from Washington DC in —exchange for repossessed lots.

The Welcome Committee compiled a directory of, and for, Homeowners through the efforts of Lou Hinson and Jessie Price. It was to be a gift to the —new Homeowners and $1.00 to the others.

Starting the last Wednesday in June. Property Owners were to have a weekly picnic at the Pavilion bringing their own meat and a dish to share. Volunteers were to have a fire ready. Residents cleaned and painted the —building.

July 3rd was Holly’s last "2 Cents Worth". Dick Dorrell took over in October with Georgia Satterfield typing F.W.I.W., "For What Its Worth", the new name. It appeared every other Friday.

This year 18 new homes were contracted for. It was decided that satellite dishes in black or green would he allowed, by permit only.

October brought, with Environmental approval, 6 Maple trees planted by resident Wayne Kenamond, near the boathouse.

November brought a great flood to Albright and Rowlesburg leaving many homeless. Many organizations housed their clean-up crews in the Alpine Motel.


In May for two weekends, a dinner-theater was held in the lodge — "Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" was presented by a group from Cumberland.

Will the WV State Band make Alpine its summer headquarters? Will we stage some kite contests?

These were the big questions?

In October, Jim Price, Chairman of the Property Owners Committee organized a "Meet your Candidates Night" to be held the night before the Annual election. This committee was authorized by the Board in the spring of 1986.

In September the Board leased the Restaurant to Dick and Jean Buggy.

Dick Langfitt was re-elected to the Board and said Board voted an increase of 14% in assessments.

The September meeting of the Property Owners Committee recommended:

1—A strong desire to improve communication by resuming the "Speak-outs" following the Board’s closed meetings.

2—To receive an Annual Audited financial statement, prepared by an independent certified auditor.

3—If the Golf Cart parking area was to he paved and a building later erected over it, it should be located away from the present area so as to improve, rather than obstruct the view of the lake.

The Board answers — The Official Newsletter will be published quarterly. Also there will be 3 "Speak-out" meetings a year. In regard to the audit-this has been prepared covering the past fiscal year. The Board authorized no change in the Golf Cart area!

Resident Martha Kenamond resigned from the Nominating Committee protesting the manner in which the Proxy Votes at the election were used to elect a candidate.

The Board approved the trade of a lot for $2,500.00 worth of carpet to he placed in the downstairs hallway, hot tub area, sales office and on the miniature golf course.


Resident Dick Dorrell was elected the new Board President.

The protective building being erected around the sewer plant was near completion.

The Property Owners Gift Shoppe was expanded. Dottie Csamer was Chairperson with husband Dick doing most of the painting. etc. The first meeting was held in June with 10 residents attending. Crafts were to be accepted on consignment after committee approval. To start, small loans totaling $200 were made by those present.

Michele Widmer was the new Alpine attorney.

In June, the Ladies Golf Group provided funds for a rain shelter near the 10th tee.

Assessments were approved by the Board in January for a 14% raise. In February the Board approved a Finance Committee. suggested by the Property Owners. They submitted for approval Dottie Csamer. Sarah Crayton and DeWitt Wyatt.

In September the first Holiday Gift Shoppe opened in Conference Room A. The committee consisted of Ceci Brandner, Dottie Csamer. Marge Luther, Jessie Price and Georgia Satterfield.

New Street Signs were made by resident George Fetcho, gold on brown—a great help in finding our way around.

New purchases by Alpine:

Used Grader

New Greens Mower

Used International Diesel Dump Truck and blade with cinder hopper

5 New Golf Carts

New Commercial Washer for Lodge

2 New Water Heaters for Lodge

Don Briggs was the new manager. The Board established a Nominating Committee at the May meeting.

Property Owners concerns:

1. Were the bylaws being worked on?

2. Restrictions were under scrutiny—not being enforced!

3. Were funds being put aside for road repair?

4.  Underbrush needed to be removed from the thirty-foot right of way and ditching was badly needed.

5. Would a chipper be cheaper than hauling brush away?

The Property Owners were asked to submit suggestions for a 5-year plan.

Georgia Satterfield resigned as co-editor-typist. Virginia Marshall and her daughter, Mary Jane, took over on computer for Dick Dorrell.

The September F.W.I.W. stated that Property Owners guests and Motel guests were to have free use of facilities. Renters to have use for a monetary fee.

Outside Golf Tournaments must have Board approval prior to the event.

Resident Marge Luther agreed to be responsible for recycling cans, also newspapers.

In October a used snow cat was purchased - Alpine TAVFD collected $2,475 this year.

The first Monthly party was held at the Boathouse. Another is scheduled for Halloween by the Entertainment Committee, sparked by resident Ruth Allen.

Special assessments for sewer upgrading was in process and progressing. Power lines to lift stations and trenching for relocation of lines around swamp area near the treatment plant also progressing.

The October Board meeting considered a resolution by resident Jim Minor, for the Property Owners Committee, to appoint a special committee to look into the pros and cons of Alpine becoming a municipality.

$1,400.00 was collected from residents for the Employees Christmas.

The Property Owners Committee recommended the Board pursue recovery of some of the excess collateral held by the Albright Bank for Motel construction. Contacts with the bank indicated it could he accomplished.


FWPW reported that an aerator, top dresser, utility cart, sprayer and 6 new golf carts were ordered.

The Lodge area fire siren was tested every Friday at noon.

In March, Property Owners approved building a float to be in the T.A. parade. Contributions were accepted to defray the cost of decorating it.

The Cookbook Committee paid for the umbrellas placed at the Boathouse.

The Entertainment Committee paid for a new stove for the Boathouse and also a new set of Bingo Balls.

The Gift Shoppe held monthly meetings to keep all apprised of profits or losses.

Windsurfing on the Lake. Mike Trent, a resident, was responsible for this sport.

There was a new dock at the Boathouse.

By November, the Lake was drained. DNR said a weir was needed at Limeplant Road and the maintenance area road. The weir was needed to measure the flow being discharged. Dick Csamer designed and installed the weir. Other "musts" were set forth!

The combined Cook Book and the Entertainment Committees paid for the new vinyl floor in the Boathouse kitchen as well as commercial grade carpet in the main room with inset for dancing. Estimated cost: $2,600.00.

Volume 32 of the Newsletter listed committees and the members thereof.

The second Homeowners Directory was ready in May, done by the Welcome Committee again. More sand was added to the Beach area and Homeowner Volunteers had a new float ready for the Parade.

The Homeowners Entertainment Committee scheduled several events —The Spring Fling, Luau and Halloween parties were some, all to be held at the Boathouse.

The Gift Shoppe had its first birthday in July. The second Annual Holiday Show was planned for October, in Conference Room A.

Volume 33 of the newsletter reported the former Alpine Campground was closed and once again for sale. Guest passes are available to Homeowners —$25.00 for 2 guests for 1 year, 1 home. It was not good for greens fees or lift tickets.

Homeowner and Engineer. Dick Csamer worked on the Sewer project which was to be completed in July. Five lift stations were installed along with several thousand feet of plastic pipe.

Volume 35, the December Newsletter, reported the following: - the November Board Meeting arrived at new assessments which were payable May I and September 1.

Improved lots — $345.00 to $480.00

Adjoining lots $184.00

Unimproved lots $240.00

In December, at the request of the Property Owners, a Road Committee was established.

Articles of Incorporation were filed with the WV Secretary of State.

The LAKE LEAK is overcome! Opening the Outlet Valve drained the Lake sufficiently to permit a large crevice to be filled with clay. This stopped the lake water from emptying into the underground limestone caverns.

Regarding the special sewer assessment, $112,932.00 was collected. $287,000 was stilled owed.

This year $2,870.00 was collected from 78% of Homeowners for the TAVFD, and $1,493.00 from 70% of Homeowners for the Employees Christmas gifts

Excerpts from the Nov-Dec Board meetings — the Gift Shoppe Committee refurbished Conference Room A by painting, wallpapering, installing fans, lighting and paneling. Gift Shoppe funds were used and volunteers worked under Chairpersons Dottie L. Csamer and husband Dick.

The Beach area was enlarged and a new dock was built at Boathouse.

Two lots were traded for the re-coating of the Tennis courts.

Board decisions-


Beach and Picnic area—$60.00 plus clean-up

Deposit of $50.00

Boathouse—$ 100.00


$100,000 cash plus 40 lots of our choice and 2 parcels of land totaling approximating 41 acres.

Of the settlement, $30,000 to go for road repairs. The New Construction fee to be increased from $200.00 to $500.00 and to be used for Road repairs.

A Newspaper clipping of July 29 reports Boardsailing races were held at Alpine Lake. Mike Trent and Dave Swanson coordinated these races.

The Entertainment Committee parties for residents filled the Boathouse each time. Ruth Allen, Chairlady.

Bird (Bill) and Flower (Helen) Wylie conducted Bird and Flower Walks each Monday morning with good attendance.

The Property Owners Committee held meetings the first Saturday of each month, and made recommendations to the Board.

A Bridge Group met twice a month throughout Spring and Summer. The new restaurant Manager Ken Kirsch, served excellent food. Reservations were preferred.

A Flea Market Sale was held in the lower part of the Lodge, selling excess items in the Lodge plus donations from residents. Profit was to be used for a new sewer pump. Ceci Brandner was chairperson.

A Men’s Golf League Dinner was held at the Boathouse in August of 1989. Also an "August Festival" dinner dance was held in the Boathouse August 26th.

About 100 attended the Annual Picnic.

The ALLGO Golf Tournament and luncheon was held September 9.

Amended By-Laws were mailed to all Property Owners,

Red Cross Swimming lessons began in September in Alpine’s pool.

A Candidates Night was held in October to meet Rich Hopkins and Phil Schenk who were running for an available Board seat.

The Gift Shoppe had its Christmas sale in Conference Room A from October I through October 31.

November and more activity on the Golf Course as earth was turned for additional holes. Groups of men and women were very active.

The Road Committee announced that repairs would begin in the Spring as weather permits.

December brought Cross-country Skiing when the snow cooperated.

The Courthouse sale of real estate for delinquent taxes listed about 50 of Alpine lots!

Concerned citizens of Alpine, through a lawyer, objected to the amended and restated Articles of Incorporation as approved by the membership. (Feb.)

In March a new GM Pickup was leased to replace the 1985 Jeep (90,000 miles) and the 1982 Ford Escort (75,000 miles). Both vehicles were to he sold.

In May, Marge Luther reported that $160.00 from recycling was given to Terra Alta City Park toward a new roof for the Community Building. Also $160.00 used toward radios for Security Guards plus $100.00 for Salvation Army Christmas toys. $100.00 also used to replace trees in the windbreak along Rhododendron Drive. There is still $40.00 in that recycling fund.

The ALPOA/Mountaintop lawsuit was settled in June. ALPOA received a parcel of land (14 plus acres) along the east side of the lake along Bluebell Dr. One section of it was made a "QUIET PLACE" in memory of all who loved ALPINE LAKE. A plaque was planned and donations were needed. Stone benches were placed near a big rock. Dedication was held October 7. LaRue Dorrell and Bill Wylie co-chaired this project.

Security was instructed to call Property Owners when their guests arrived. Residents were asked to inform Security when they were expecting anyone. Sometimes they get lost on the property!

The 2-day Parking Lot Lodge Sale netted $2000.00 and money was still coining in.

The Tennis courts were resurfaced and painted. Gate was locked with key at the Boathouse.

As of August a FAX machine was in the lodge for use of Property Owners, guests and the public.

In May of 1989 the Property Owners Committee under Jim Price, planned a Mountaineer luncheon to be held in the Boathouse. Menu -— Ham, baked beans, corn bread, tossed salad with ramps on the side, and Sassafras Tea.

Dimlin was sprayed in Luzerne, Geneva and part of Bern. These sections were badly infested by the Gypsy Moth last year. Dimlin works on larvae and is not poisonous or toxic

FWLW reported 11/10/89 that a LEASH LAW was included in the new By Laws as recommended by the Property Owners Committee.

The Employees Christmas Fund this year amounted to $2,550.00 and the TAVFD fund- $3,4 15.00. There was a total of 37 full-time and part-time employees this year.


Gary Bunn became the new Manager on March 1. This same month Lodge rooms were being refurbished and the apartment was painted and new bedding, etc. supplied. FWIW reported a $10.00 fee for boat storage. There was also a 13-page report on a 5-year plan for capital improvements.

Tom Hawkins was placed in charge of Golf Course play. He set new rules.

Alpine was recycling aluminum cans, glass and newspapers. The T.A. High School took the newspapers to become NEWS FOR MOOS—shredded bedding.

A July suggestion — fly your American Flag when in residence.

The Board meeting of November 10, 1990 stated that the loss of availability funds caused a shortfall. Funds were borrowed from other accounts, which were covered by formal notes, indicating date of transfer and amount. Funds to be restored when available. Water & sewer availability charge was determined to be illegal.

Renters rights to facilities were pending.

FWIW reported on December 6—The General Manager stated there will he no visitors in the Lobby offices or upstairs office without first making an appointment or getting clearance from the Front Desk.

Bob Boal, President of the Board, called a special meeting Jan 12 to attend to Personnel matters and to appoint committee members, subject to their acceptance. 


Beach and Pool Golf
Building and Maintenance Lake
Entertainment Nominating
Environmental Property Owners
Finance Roads


Each committee selected a chairperson who was a full-time resident.

The second Annual Property Owners Mountaineer lunch was held on Memorial Day.

The Gypsy Moth spraying was carried out. Tanglefoot can also be used on individual trees.

Property Owners who were interested in beautification planted flowers around Alpine.

Boats had to be registered for an annual fee of $10.00.

The 3rd Homeowners Directory was available for $1.00. It was free to the new homeowners

The golfers are very active with ALLGO, ALMGO, SCRAMBLE, GUYS AND DOLLS.

The weekly picnics, plus Bingo, were well attended. Any profit was used to improve the picnic/beach area. Plans were for a larger pavilion, wash-house repairs, etc.

Recycling bins were set up in the lower parking lot to take white and green glass and squashed aluminum cans.

A Public Utility Board of Directors was elected (ALPUC) in July. The 3 members were: — Larry Bales, Jim Minor and Bill Wylie.

In August, Alpine hosted a group of children from the "Children’s Home" in Wheeling. An exciting day was planned with lunch, swimming, and watching the National Guard Parachutists practice using the lake for drops. Helen Wylie was instrumental in bringing them here from Camp Oglebay.

The Alpine Lake float took 1st Place in the Amateur Division of the Autumn Glory Parade, October 13 in Oakland, MD. The Prize was $100.00!

The Sanitation Committee reported the US Small Business Administration had monies for rural communities’ use and they were looking into the T.A. area. The T.A. sewer system was in bad shape and the lagoon at Hopemont was not satisfactory. Federal Money could include Alpine and Corinth. They would run a line to Alpines’ gate where it could be hooked up.

Some had home mail delivery at Alpine. If more wanted it, they were to write the US Postal Authority to do away with the cluster boxes, WRITE!

The Halloween Costume Party was a great success—planned by the Entertainment Committee.

The Gift Shoppe was staffed by some 30 volunteers who have contributed over 600 hours. It was solvent and contributed money for various Lodge improvements.

An Angel tree was in the Lobby for contributions used for children of the area. A Christmas Party for children of employees was held at the Boathouse with a Santa present.

September—The Board prepared a job description for the General Manager.

Also a chain of command was established.— such as who was Acting

Manager when Manager was off duty.

SPEEDING—1st warning by Security; 2nd warning-deny access to property.

Weekend garbage left by roadside before Monday collection will be picked up by Security. A $20.00 fee will be assessed to the violator.

No Yard Sales are allowed. They are not in keeping with the nature of the Resort. No directional signs by individuals either. They will be removed by Security!

In regard to construction — a permit costing 5% of cost must be obtained for all improvements — not to exceed $500.00. This was in regard to small utility buildings being built without permission.

Regarding Clotheslines:—see Declarations section 8j. Rule to he enforced!

A full-time road supervisor was approved by the Board. Berms to be graded, trees cut from roadways, culverts cleaned, ditching to prevent further erosion, snow removal and cindering plus providing water and sewer tap excavations. This from the Board minutes of 9/15/90.

March 1990— Bids were expected on the first part of work on the main

Lodge. Exterior of kitchen first, to replace buckled siding and insulation.

Repairs were budgeted for $10,000 of the monies received from the Mountaintop settlement of the suit. The new cap on the roof cost $2,500.00. Room balconies needed new decking, wrought iron needed refinishing, new decking around the dining room, and also there was a drainage problem in front of the Lodge. Nothing had been done to the Lodge through the years, said Jim Lake of the Road & Maintenance Committee. (This from Alpine Newsletter of March 1990.)

Board minutes of 9/15/90 — Charles Minor presented a proposal to rebuild Security building and add a restroom. The Board made a counter offer —trade 1 or 2 lots and include roofing the pavilion. Chas. Minor was to report hack.

3 suits for non-payment of assessments were pending.

12/6/90—Senator Rockefeller attached letter from the US post office, Charleston stating "No change in established service unless requested by developer".


The Lodge roof was treated (fire retard) at a cost of $7,460.00.

From the same minutes:

Cost of Golf course expansion:




$5,000.00—lop soil

$764 .88—Bulldozer




October brought the proposed ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION OF ALPUC (Alpine Lake Public Utilities Company) as amended and restated; also the PROPOSED BYLAWS. Copies were put on file. The Capital Improvement Budget for 1990-1996 —$1,611,996.00.

The November Alpine Lake’s Newsletter contained the following — Milton Crum did this research: Alpine Lake’s almost 400 property owners list home addresses in forty states, one territory and two foreign countries. West Virginia leads with 577. Maryland is next with 304 and then Pennsylvania with 200. Alpine’s snow birds brings Florida up to 64, Virginia scores 51 and Ohio 37. California, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York and Texas check in with 10 or more. Oregon in the NW and Arizona and New Mexico in the SW. There is Alaska and the Virgin Islands too. Even England and Australia are represented. What a marvelous community.

From the December 15 Board Meeting: — Approximately $635,000 was needed to restructure the debt plus $600,000 Motel Mortgage.

A RENTER POLICY was adopted. The beach would be available to renters, motel guests, and other authorized Visitors to the Resort.

All new employees, plus those transferred or promoted, were to be on probation for 6 months. They would not have paid vacations, absences or paid holidays and could be terminated during the first 6 months.

December 31—V. Marshall lawsuit-Swiss Section-easement (walking) was not to be used or maintained. It was closed 8/29/91. This was decided at a special Board meeting.

The Assessments were to remain the same as for 1989.

In reference to a group of residents calling themselves "Concerned Citizens" - they must have a spokesperson register with the Board in order to have any action taken on any issue

General Managers                                Board Presidents

1981 Gene Davis                                    John McDonald

1982 Gene Davis                                    John McDonald

1983 Frank Lazarowitz                           John McDonald

1984 Richard Miller                                John McDonald

1985 Richard Miller                                Richard Langfitt

1986 Richard Miller                                Richard Langfitt (resigned 2/86)

Jerry Kelly - Interim

1987 Donald Briggs (4/5)                        Richard Dorrell (12/87)

1988 Donald Briggs                                 Richard Dorrell

1989 Donald Briggs (11/89)                    Bob Boal

1990 Gary Bunn (1/90)                            Ceci Brandner (12/90)

The information in this chronological history has been gleaned from printed papers put out for the Homeowners and Lot owners of beautiful ALPINE LAKE as well as Preston Co. Histories. Libraries, Preston County Courthouse plus several older Preston County residents and Lynette Sines giving the names of the General Managers and Board Presidents.

Could not have been typed without Dottie and Dick Csamer and Pat Frederick on their computers.

This ends this history of Alpine Lake, through the years 1965 – 1990

By Jessie M. Price, a resident from the beginning.


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